Digbeth for Kids: 5 Cool Things to Do in Digbeth With Kids

Digbeth, a neighborhood known for its artistic spirit and urban vibrancy, might not be the conventional choice for a family day out, but it offers a plethora of exciting activities that cater to kids and adults alike. From creative spaces to interactive museums, Digbeth has something special in store for every family. Here are five cool things to do in Digbeth with kids, showcasing the diverse experiences this neighborhood has to offer.

Unleash Creativity at the Custard Factory

Step into the heart of Digbeth’s artistic hub – the Custard Factory. This creative space is a treasure trove of art studios, galleries, and unique shops. Let your kids’ imaginations run wild as they explore the colorful street art that adorns the walls and streets. The Custard Factory isn’t just about admiring art – it’s an opportunity for families to engage in workshops, witness live demonstrations, and interact with local artists. From pottery to painting, the Custard Factory fosters a sense of creativity and wonder in kids of all ages.

Play and Learn at Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum

For an educational yet entertaining adventure, head to the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum. This interactive museum is a hotspot for young learners, offering a hands-on exploration of science, technology, and the world around us. With engaging exhibits covering everything from outer space to prehistoric creatures, kids can ignite their curiosity and expand their knowledge in a fun and interactive environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a planetarium show and witness the wonders of the cosmos up close.

Taste the Flavors of Digbeth Dining Club

When hunger strikes, Digbeth Dining Club is the place to be. This lively street food market is a paradise for food-loving families. With an array of international cuisines and tantalizing treats, the dining club transforms mealtime into a gastronomic adventure. Whether it’s gourmet burgers, exotic wraps, or indulgent desserts, there’s something to please every palate. The festive atmosphere, live music, and communal seating create an inviting space for families to savor delicious meals together.

Immerse in Playful Exploration at Ghetto Golf

Ghetto Golf, known for its unique and quirky setting, offers a distinctive family experience. While it’s famous for its adult-oriented crazy golf course, it also features a “Kiddo Course” designed especially for families with children. The imaginative and offbeat decor, combined with interactive golf holes, guarantees hours of laughter and entertainment. Engage your kids’ senses as they navigate through the creatively designed courses, filled with surprises and challenges that delight both young and old.

Inspire Creativity at The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen

Wrap up your Digbeth adventure at The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen. This family-friendly venue combines cinema screenings with dining experiences, creating a unique way to enjoy a film together. From classic movies to recent releases, there’s something for every movie enthusiast in the family. The cozy atmosphere, comfy seating, and delectable food make it an ideal spot to unwind and bond with your loved ones after a day of exploration.

Digbeth might be an unconventional choice for a family day out, but it’s a neighborhood that surprises and delights in unexpected ways. From artistic immersion to interactive learning and culinary delights, Digbeth offers an array of activities that cater to a wide range of interests. So, if you’re looking to venture beyond the ordinary and create lasting memories with your family, consider Digbeth as your next destination for a day filled with fun, discovery, and creativity.

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