Edinburgh Facts That Will Make Your Kids Go Wow: 5 Things You Never Knew

1. Edinburgh is home to the world’s first fire brigade

Did you know that Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have a professional fire service? The Edinburgh Fire Engine Establishment was founded in 1824 by James Braidwood, a master builder who had witnessed several devastating fires in the city. He trained a team of firemen who used horse-drawn engines and leather hoses to fight the flames.

2. Edinburgh has more listed buildings than any other city in the UK

Edinburgh is famous for its stunning architecture, which reflects its rich history and culture. The city has over 4,500 listed buildings, which means they are protected by law for their historical or architectural significance. Some of the most iconic listed buildings in Edinburgh include Edinburgh Castle, Holyrood Palace, St Giles’ Cathedral, and the Scott Monument.

3. Edinburgh is the birthplace of many famous writers and characters

If you love reading, you will love Edinburgh. The city is the birthplace or home of many famous writers and characters, such as Robert Louis Stevenson, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, J.K. Rowling, Ian Rankin, and Muriel Spark. You can also find statues and monuments dedicated to some of their creations, such as Sherlock Holmes, Greyfriars Bobby, and Harry Potter.

4. Edinburgh hosts the world’s largest arts festival every year

Every August, Edinburgh becomes a hub of creativity and entertainment, as it hosts the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival. The festival features thousands of shows and performers from all over the world, covering genres such as comedy, theatre, music, dance, and more. You can also enjoy street performances, exhibitions, and workshops throughout the city.

5. Edinburgh has a volcano and a dragon

Yes, you read that right. Edinburgh has an extinct volcano called Arthur’s Seat, which is part of Holyrood Park. The volcano is named after the legendary King Arthur, who some believe was based on a Scottish king. According to a local legend, there was also a dragon that lived in the park, which was slain by a young prince named Michael Scot. You can hike up to the top of Arthur’s Seat and enjoy the spectacular views of the city and beyond.

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