5 Top Things to Do at February Half-term in Oxford

Oxford, a city steeped in history, academia, and cultural richness, offers an array of captivating activities for the February half-term break. Immerse yourself in this charming city and explore five fantastic things to do, culminating in the thrilling world of crazy golf in Oxford.

1. Explore Oxford’s Historic Colleges

Begin your Oxford adventure by exploring its world-renowned colleges. Take a guided tour of colleges like Christ Church, Magdalen, or Balliol to admire stunning architecture, courtyards, and historic halls where scholars have walked for centuries.

2. Visit Museums and Galleries

Delve into Oxford’s cultural offerings by visiting its museums and galleries. The Ashmolean Museum, Britain’s oldest public museum, houses a diverse collection spanning art, archaeology, and history. Explore modern art at the Modern Art Oxford or delve into scientific marvels at the Museum of Natural History.

3. Punting on the River

Experience the tranquil beauty of Oxford by punting along the River Thames (known as the Isis in Oxford). Rent a punt and glide along the water, passing by picturesque college buildings and lush landscapes. It’s a serene and quintessentially Oxford experience.

4. Culinary Exploration

Savor Oxford’s gastronomic delights by exploring its culinary scene. Visit covered markets like the historic Covered Market or the bustling Gloucester Green Market for diverse food stalls offering delicious treats from around the world.

5. Crazy Golf in Oxford

For an entertaining and exciting activity, venture into the world of crazy golf in Oxford. Several venues across the city offer imaginative and fun-filled mini-golf courses. Prepare for a challenging yet enjoyable round of crazy golf amidst the historic ambiance of Oxford.

Visit these Crazy Golf Venues in Oxford Experience the excitement of crazy golf by exploring some of Oxford’s top venues. Swing by Oxford Adventure Golf, offering themed courses and a family-friendly atmosphere. Another fantastic spot is Junkyard Golf Club, providing quirky courses and a vibrant setting that merges golf with art and music. Gather your friends and family for an unforgettable round of crazy golf in Oxford and add an extra layer of fun to your February half-term!

Oxford’s February half-term promises a blend of history, culture, serene experiences, gastronomy, and unique activities. Embrace the city’s academic legacy, cultural treasures, and picturesque landscapes to create cherished memories during this enriching time of the year.

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