Brixton for Kids: 5 Cool Things to Do in Brixton With Kids

Brixton, a vibrant and culturally diverse neighborhood in London, is not just for adults. It offers a fantastic range of family-friendly activities that will keep kids entertained and engaged. From interactive museums to beautiful parks, Brixton has something for every child to enjoy. If you’re looking for a day out with your little ones, here are five cool things to do in Brixton that will create unforgettable memories for your family.

1. Brixton Windmill

Start your Brixton adventure by visiting the iconic Brixton Windmill. This fully restored windmill offers guided tours and interactive exhibits that will take your kids on a journey through the history of milling. Children can learn about the process of grinding wheat into flour and even have a chance to grind some grain themselves. The surrounding Windmill Gardens provide a perfect spot for a family picnic or a leisurely stroll amidst the greenery.

2. Brockwell Park

Brockwell Park is a gem in Brixton, offering a wide range of activities for families to enjoy. Let your kids burn off some energy at the adventure playground, equipped with climbing frames, swings, and slides. The park also has a paddling pool and a miniature railway that operates on weekends and school holidays. Enjoy a peaceful walk around the park’s picturesque lake, and if you visit during the summer, don’t miss the Brockwell Lido for some refreshing swimming fun.

3. Brixton Recreation Centre

For active and sporty kids, the Brixton Recreation Centre is a fantastic place to visit. The centre offers various activities, including swimming, squash, and badminton. There’s also a soft play area for younger children, providing a safe and enjoyable space to climb and explore. Whether you want to splash in the pool or have a friendly game of squash, the Brixton Recreation Centre has something for everyone.

4. Brixton Village and Market Row

Take your kids on a culinary adventure at Brixton Village and Market Row. This bustling indoor market is a treasure trove of international cuisines and delightful treats. Let your little foodies explore the different stalls and try a variety of dishes from around the world. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse selection of food make it an exciting and delicious experience for the whole family.

5. Pop Brixton

End your day in Brixton with a fun and unique experience at Pop Brixton. This creative space is home to small businesses, restaurants, and quirky shops, providing an immersive cultural experience. Pop Brixton also offers a fantastic crazy golf course called Birdies, where your family can enjoy a game of mini-golf with a twist. The exciting and colorful course will entertain both kids and adults, making it a perfect way to end your day of exploration in Brixton.

Brixton is a vibrant and family-friendly neighborhood with an array of cool activities for kids. From learning about history at Brixton Windmill to enjoying the adventures at Brockwell Park and Brixton Recreation Centre, there are plenty of options to keep your little ones entertained. The diverse cuisines at Brixton Village and Market Row will satisfy their taste buds, and the unique crazy golf experience at Pop Brixton will leave them with lasting memories. So, if you’re looking for an exciting and fun-filled family day out in London, Brixton is the place to be.

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