Camden Town for Kids: 5 Cool Things to Do in Camden With Kids

If you’re looking for a fun and colourful day out with your kids in London, you can’t go wrong with Camden Town. Camden is one of the most vibrant and diverse areas in the city, where you can find culture, history, art, shopping, and entertainment. Here are five cool things to do in Camden with kids that will keep them happy and curious.

1. Discover the Amazing Street Art and Culture of Camden

Camden is a hotspot for creativity and street art, where you can see stunning murals, graffiti, and sculptures on the walls, buildings, and bridges. You can wander around and admire the artworks, or follow a map or an app to find the best spots. You can also join a guided tour with an expert who will tell you the stories behind the artworks. You’ll see works by artists like Dale Grimshaw, Dotmasters, DZIA, Zabou, Alaniz, and Bambi. You’ll also find tributes to famous musicians who lived or played in Camden, such as Amy Winehouse, David Bowie, and The Doors .

2. Shop for Unique and Quirky Items at the Camden Markets

Camden has several markets where you can find all sorts of goods and food stalls. You can browse through the stalls and shops, and look for some treasures to take home. The most popular markets are Camden Lock Market, which has a variety of things and food stalls; Camden Stables Market, which is in an old horse hospital and has lots of fashion and accessories; and Camden Buck Street Market, which is an eco-friendly market with over 80 recycled shipping containers .

3. Enjoy Live Music and Shows at the Iconic Roundhouse

The Roundhouse is an old railway engine shed that has become a brilliant venue for live music and arts. It has hosted some of the biggest names in music history, such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. You can catch a gig or a show at the Roundhouse, or join one of their workshops or events for young people. The Roundhouse also has a bar and a restaurant where you can have a drink or a bite before or after the show .

4. Visit the London Zoo and Regent’s Park

If you love animals, you’ll love the London Zoo, which is the world’s oldest scientific zoo. It has over 750 species of animals, from lions and tigers to penguins and giraffes. You can see the animals up close, watch feeding sessions and talks, and even have some animal encounters. The London Zoo also has a playground, a carousel, and a gift shop . After visiting the zoo, you can chill out in Regent’s Park, which is one of London’s most beautiful parks. It has gardens, lakes, fountains, statues, sports facilities, and a boating lake. You can also visit the Open Air Theatre, which puts on plays and musicals during the summer .

5. Play Crazy Golf at Plonk Camden

For some fun and friendly competition, you can play crazy golf at Plonk Camden, which is in the Stables Market. This 9-hole indoor course has an underwater theme, with sea life and ancient bones. You can putt your way through whale bones, seahorses, octopuses, pinball decks, ball balancers, and maze holes. Plonk Camden also has a bottle bar where you can enjoy some drinks while you play .

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