What Are Some Interesting Facts About Crosby?

Nestled on the outskirts of Liverpool, the coastal town of Crosby reveals itself as a hidden gem with a tapestry of interesting facts and unexpected delights. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the unique allure of Crosby, with a special focus on the playful world of crazy golf that adds a whimsical touch to this vibrant community.

1. Antony Gormley’s ‘Another Place’

Crosby’s coastline is home to an internationally acclaimed art installation, ‘Another Place’ by Antony Gormley. Comprising 100 life-sized iron figures spread across three kilometers of the beach, this captivating artwork transforms the shore into an open-air gallery. Visitors can wander among the statues, creating a dynamic interaction between art and nature.

2. Crosby’s Historic Civic Buildings

For history enthusiasts, Crosby offers a glimpse into its past through its historic civic buildings. St. Helen’s Church, a Grade II-listed structure dating back to the 19th century, and the Crosby Town Hall, an architectural gem built in the early 20th century, stand as testaments to the town’s rich heritage.

3. Blundellsands

The residential district of Blundellsands, part of Crosby, boasts elegant Victorian and Edwardian architecture. The neighborhood’s leafy streets, combined with proximity to Crosby Beach, make Blundellsands a sought-after area for residents seeking a harmonious blend of history and coastal charm.

4. Waterloo’s Cultural Hub

Crosby’s neighboring district, Waterloo, serves as a cultural hub with a range of independent shops, cafes, and cultural venues. The vibrant community atmosphere, coupled with diverse offerings along South Road, makes it a lively destination for locals and visitors alike.

5. Crazy Golf in Crosby

Hidden amid the charm of Crosby is a delightful surprise—crazy golf. Embracing the playful spirit of this recreational activity, Crosby has become a haven for crazy golf enthusiasts. Picture an afternoon of laughter, friendly competition, and imaginative obstacles against the backdrop of Crosby’s coastal beauty.

Crazy golf in Crosby transforms the traditional into the extraordinary, offering both locals and visitors a unique and entertaining experience. The courses, dotted with whimsical challenges, create a perfect setting for a day filled with joy and camaraderie.

Ready to add a touch of whimsy to your Crosby adventure? Discover the joy of crazy golf in Liverpool. Whether you’re a local seeking a fun-filled day out or a visitor eager for unique experiences, crazy golf in Crosby promises an unforgettable journey. Gather your friends, embrace the unexpected, and tee off in the heart of Crosby. Explore the surprising delights that this town has to offer and turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one! Visit Crosby’s crazy golf venues and make your visit truly special.

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